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Lottie the 2CV The home of Lotties Adventures

Lottie is a black and yellow 1983 Citroen 2CV Charleston registered as LTR 989Y and is the latest addition to a collection of vehicles owned by Pete and Pat Edwards who live in Derbyshire. They are members of the 2CVGB, Citroen Specials Club and the JAWA CZ Owners Club. They with Lottie are regular attendees at Derbyshire Firkin Flyers events.

Lottie was purchased in November 2006 for one simple reason. Pete has a 1981 2CV based Lomax 223 (three wheeler) which replaced an earlier 1970 registered Lomax 223 he bought in 1995 just prior to him making a career change. Having had a company tin box since 1977 he was looking for something a little different and so began a long association with the Citroen 2CV.

 Turquise 2CV, black and yellow 2CV, Blue 2CV

Pete always had an interest in things mechanical and his first motorcycle was a Sun 98cc scooter which he obtained for £2 10 shillings (50p) when 12 years old and ran on a deserted US Army hospital camp. His neighbour had a Sun 197 bike and then a Trials Cub so the young lads spent hours thrashing their bikes around the roads on the derelict site. They also learned to fix them as breakdowns were frequent.

Pete’s first road legal machine in 1967 was a 175cc two stroke BSA Sunbeam scooter soon joined by a 250cc 4 stroke twin Sunbeam scooter. At any time one scooter was usually in need of repairs. Pete met his wife Pat when working at a local supermarket – Perry’s - where he cleaned up at weekends to earn the money to run his scooters. The scooters were used for daily trips to school and for his courting! Living so close the Red Marley and Shelsley Walsh local trips were made to these events when funds were available. Pete moved to Stafford in November 1969 to take up his first job and married Pat in 1972.

Bikes then took a backseat until 1976 when he purchased a new CZ 125 from a dealer near his workplace in Burton on Trent. He joined the JAWA CZ Owners Club and in 1977 became the National Secretary. He has been a committee member of that Club since 1977 holding a number of posts and is currently the National Secretary, Spares Officer and prints the Club magazine. 10 issues of 18 pages for 400 members.

In 1995 Pete bought his daughter Jude her first car – a red 2CV6 called Rosie, which she ran for 4 years and used as a man magnet to catch Chris, my Son-in-Law (hereafter referred to as MSIL). January 1996 saw the Lomax and 2CV do their first raid together at Tan Hill combined with a Saturday Beach Bar-B-Q by the North Sea. That was MSIL’s first introduction to the 2CV world at large and they went on to do London to Brighton and other 2CVGB Club events. Eventually they married and their off-spring both show signs of Citroen mania.

Pete has always written extensively about his motoring and motorcycling adventures prompted by a stint as Editor of the JAWA CZ Owners Club when he often needed to fill space in a magazine. That also developed his photographic abilities and use of a computer to produce articles. It seemed natural to continue writing with Lottie’s adventures and MSIL already runs the JAWA CZ Owners Club website, so we decided to give Lottie her own website. Lotties adventures go to the Editor of the 2CVGB magazine.

In addition to Lottie the 2CV and the Lomax 223, Pete bought a 2006 Citroen Xsara Picasso and in February 2007 took it for a 2 week driving holiday in the Rhone Alps. MSIL now owns the Picasso.

Pete's motorbikes include JAWA's and CZ's from a 1935 175cc JAWA Special to a 500cc JAWA 500R with Rotax engine, a 1977 CZ Enduro with a unit construction 1972 Triumph 500 engine, a 1960 Tiger Cub Trials and a 1980 BMW 1000cc sidecar outfit. 

Pete works for a charity – Erewash Voluntary Action. Pat also worked there until recently, but has now retired.

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Last updated: 11 July 2012